Tourist go home!

Tourist go Home

Tourist go Home Europe’s dream Destination at Risk

A film by Antje Christ, ZDF/ARTE 2016, 52 mins.

In Europe, city tourism is booming like never before, generating billions in revenue for local authorities. However, many cities cannot cope with the onslaught: traffic chaos, mountains of rubbish, holiday apartments instead of homes. There is no end in sight for the travel boom. Quite the opposite, in fact: thanks to the low cost of travel and a boom in the cruises sector, visitor figures are set to rise relentlessly. Can Europe’s most popular destinations be saved from collapse?

Writer & Director: Antje Christ
Marcel Schmitz
Sound: Steven Altig
Editing: Jens Gronheid
Music: Karl-Heinz Blomann
Production: Antje Christ
Commissioning editor: Susanne Mertens

World Distributor

Photo © Antje Christ

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