Life At Any Price

Life At Any Price

Life At Any Price Chances for extremely premature babies

Science documentary // SRF, 2015 / 52 mins, HD

Both in industrialized nations and in developing countries, more and more children are being born prematurely – 13 million babies worldwide every year. Some of them are born after barely 22 weeks of pregnancy; they weigh less than 500 grams and are no more than 30 centimeters long. These are so-called “extreme preemies.” Just a few years ago, no one would have believed these babies had a chance at life, yet more and more often, medical professionals succeed in saving these tiny beings from death with the help of high-tech medicine. But what does this mean for the parents – and for the children?

Writer and Director: Antje Christ
Camera: Martin Christ, Brian Gottschalk, Marcel Schmitz, Jean Marc Selva
Sound: Tobias Akly Manuel, Ruedi Guyer, Benoit Ouvrard u.a.
Editing: Jens Gronheid
Music: Karl-Heinz Blomann, Claas Hanson
Production: Antje Christ
Commissioning editor: Belinda Sallin

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