A Breath of Himalaya

A Breath of Himalaya

A Breath of Himalaya in the Swiss Alps

Documentary // ARTE 2006, 26 min., Digibeta

Rich, green meadows and happy cows – that is a popular view of Switzerland nobody seems to contradict but one: Daniel Wismer. Back from a trip through Tibet he recognized his destiny and settled in a Wallis Matter Valley high above the village Embd to breed Yaks. Since then he has been fighting against numerous obstructions. The harsh nature is continuously showing him his limitations – but Mr Wismer carries on regardless. This is the story of a visionary who is not afraid of challenges as the tale of his life proves again and again. This film on the Arte webpage ...


Festival Screenings:
Filmfest St. Anton, 2007
Internationales Berg- und Abenteuer Filmfestival, 2007, Graz

Writer and Director: Antje Christ
Camera: Marcel Schmitz
Sound: Leif Hanisch · Ralf Richter
Editing: Jens Gronheid
Production: Antje Christ

Photos © Sonja Mathis, Antje Christ

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