Botox A Poison on its Way to the Top

Science Documentary // ZDF/ARTE 2010, 52 mins, HD

The documentary tells the story of a deadly toxin's swift rise to global popularity. From its origins in a spoiled sausage, it has found its way into the world of the wealthy and beautiful, becoming famous as the wrinkle-killing agent "Botox". Less well-known is the fact that Botulinum Toxin, as it is officially known, has been in use medicinally for decades; with some illnesses, it is the only treatment that can bring relief.

The market for Botox is worth 1.3 billion dollars annually, and its application in cosmetic medicine continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The documentary presents the results of the latest research into Botulinum Toxin and investigates the possible side-effects of this poison, which is injected into diseased muscles and unwanted wrinkles worldwide.

Writer and Director: Antje Christ
Camera: Martin Christ · Frank Kranstedt · Peter Reuther · Erik Sick
Sound: Joachim Köhler · Marcel Lepel · Danijel Spasojevic · Ronny Mehu · Norbert Pilarczyk
Editing: Jens Gronheid
Music: Karl-Heinz Blomann · Claas Hanson
Production: Antje Christ
Commissioning editor: Linde Dehner

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